how to use the #sootrendy templates in 5 easy steps
To use the QR code for templates, be sure to have VN App downloaded and do the following:
Screenshot or save the QR code you wish to use
Open VN App and click the scan icon in the top right-hand corner
Select the QR code that you saved, and click download
Select your footage
It's really that simple! 🙌🏼
Post your reel once you see it go live on @sootrendyclub on Instagram and TikTok (and remember to use the same audio!)
12:00 pm in Lisbon 1:00 pm in Berlin 7:00 pm in Bali 9:00 pm in Sydney 7:00 am in New York.
use the hashtag #sootrendy so we can see your amazing creations


What are business templates?

Businesses encounter copyright hurdles when using audio on social media, so, we created templates using royalty-free music so that you won’t have to worry again!

How do I use business templates?

Exactly the same way you use the SooTrendy templates, except for one thing - the audio. Since the audio is royalty free, you should be posting it as ‘original audio’ rather than trying to link the audio on Instagram or TikTok

How do I receive Trend Alert notifications?

In order to receive Trend Alerts, we need to add you as a close friend on Instagram. To provide us with your Instagram username, go to ‘my account’ located on the top right hand-side of the member’s area and select ‘edit your profile. Here, you’ll see a box called ‘Instagram Handle’ that you can fill in with your username

Why aren’t I seeing Close Friends stories from #sootrendy?

If you head over to our Instagram @sootrendyclub, you should see a green circle around our profile picture when we have active Trend Alerts. To have these appear in your feed, you need to make sure you follow us on Instagram. If you are already in our Close Friends, you will see the story highlight 'TREND ALERTS', this is an easy way to confirm you have been added.

If you're having difficulites, please reach out to us at

What is the difference between a SooTrendy Template and an Instagram Template?

Instagram recently released in-app Templates to the majority of its users and although its functionality is limited, it’s a handy tool for creating reels. Our SooTrendy Templates can do more than what Instagram offers, so you’ll often find these are more creative and dynamic than what you see on Instagram.

How do I use a SooTrendy Template?

You can easily create your own post in 6 easy steps!

  1. Download the VN app on your iPhone or Android
  2. Save the QR code you wish to use
  3. Open VN App and click the scan icon in the top right-hand corner
  4. Select the QR code that you saved, and click download
  5. Select your footage
  6. Export

It's really that simple, but if a video tutorial helps - click here.

How do I use VN App?

Below are 5 easy steps to using VN app on iPhone or Android, though if you prefer a visual guide - click here

  1. Save the QR code you wish to use
  2. Open VN App and click the scan icon in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select the QR code that you saved, and click download
  4. Select your footage
  5. Export
Which audio do I use when using a SooTrendy Template?

We recommend using audio that is already posted, rather than creating an 'original audio'. This way, it will link your post with the audio and potentially increase your exposure.

Sometimes the song will be recognized, but not always. So for trending songs, we recommend selecting the song manually to make sure it's definitely the right one. We also recommend saving the audio before creating your reel, so it will be much easier to find when it comes times to post.

Hint: Turn down your "original audio" so you can use the audio you need to replace it with

How do I use an Instagram Template?

If you are watching a reel and would like to use its template, above the user’s name you will see ‘use template’. When you click this, you’ll be able to insert your footage into the template. If 'use template' does not appear, then you cannot use that reel as a template.

How do I get featured on SooTrendy?

Simply use #sootrendy on your IG or TikTok posts and we’ll reshare our favorites!

What if I don’t have the time?

That’s what we’re here for! The trends that appear on SooTrendy first are always the most recent, and if you use a template - you’ll easily cut your editing time in half! By compiling all this in one place you’ll save hours scrolling and editing, giving you more time to do other important things.

What if a trend isn’t for my niche?

Keep an eye on the weekly Trend Alert emails, because we include a few examples of the same trend being used in various niches.

Some creativity will be required on your behalf, but lots of trends can be repurposed in a number of different ways.

What if I don’t have enough content?

Repurposing old content is a great way to jump on a trend with minimal effort. Maybe it’s footage from your most recent getaway, a photo montage of your loved one, or a specific day that still resonates with you. We recommend creating a folder with your best footage, and saving it for a rainy day. If your post goes viral, almost no one will notice that you’ve posted similar content in the past!

What do I do if my payment fails?

It’s no big deal, it happens all the time. We’ll try and process the payment again every few days for two weeks, if you need to update your payment details go to the member's area dashboard and go to 'my account'

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply head over to the member’s area dashboard and go to 'my account'. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

I unsubscribed from the emails, but I am still getting charged

Unsubscribing from emails only stops you from receiving emails from #SooTrendy, but you will still have access to the member's area. If you wish to cancel your membership entirely, head over to the member’s area dashboard and go to 'my account'

I am not receiving any emails from #SooTrendy

It is common for email providers to automatically send emails with images to spam, or depending on your provider; the equivalent of a promotional folder. This is the most common reason why you haven't seen our emails in your inbox.

In order to make sure we land in your inbox, you need to do something called 'whitelisting' which is telling your email provider that you always want to receive our emails. Every provider is different, but the most common way is to add to your contacts - this will ensure we always appear in your inbox.

If we have ended up in your spam or outside your inbox, locate one of our emails and select 'not spam' (or the equivalent). This will move us over to your inbox and ensure that all future emails will be sent there.